Ahana is an Indian, voluntary, not for profit organization. Ahana, literally meaning the first ray of the Sun, is dedicated towards uplift, welfare and empowerment of women and girls living in harmful and precarious situations.

Women who have been subjected to either torture or discrimination can’t utilize the proper resources they have, for their own growth. Ahana is dedicated towards enabling those women and girls by creating a conducive eco-system where they can realize their potential to the fullest.

Our Vision

Ahana envisions a world free of discrimination and violence against women and girls where every women and girl will get equal opportunity to thrive in society as  an equal human being.

Our Mission

To enable women and girls living in distress,  access education, nutrition and health care. Ahana is also committed to promote sustainable and valued livelihood options for these women.

Our Goal

To ensure each and every women and girl can access the available education and healthcare system in their area where they live.

To upgrade the locally available skills and resources of the women in the core communities we work in through training workshops and camps .

To promote the local and unique arts and crafts and crafts which has been developed in the coal community for ages.

To identify and upgrade the skills to produce marketable output and goods, and help local women artisans create market linkages.