Research and Documentation

Like the other parts of India, West Bengal, too, has its vast repertoire of traditional and folk forms of art and crafts. Irrespective of the global demand, market reach of craftsmen and communities are limited. Skilled workers (experts) at remote locations are faced with a hand to mouth situation and are bound to leave their traditional work. Also, with rapid change in lifestyle, aging and negligence, the vast repertoire of knowledge and wisdom that sustained and nurtured the community, is fast disappearing. There is urgent need to preserve and revitalize these traditions and make them integral part of the community’s economic development.
Is also planning to set up a research wing to facilitate research, preservation and documentation of dying art forms of Bengal with the help of various individual and institutional collections on it and the materials include audio-visual documentaries, paper clippings, articles, print and online resources. Ahana plans to organize regular webinars and seminars on various dying art forms in Bengal and ways to preserve it.