Ahana In Action

Ahana During AMPHAN

Cyclone had created a double whammy for West Bengal, massacred the life’s of the people and created a havoc for uncountable individuals. So this was undoubtedly a big initiative from Ahana organization to stand up for the people to dispense them with the necessary resources. Ahana organization has funded 1.50 lakhs to 250 families with dried foods in the areas of Hingal Ganj for their economic growth , improvement of their quality of life and wellbeing of these people, group or community.

Spreading Warmth with Blanket and Sweater Donation.

No one has ever become poor by giving. We the privileged people sit in our comfortable zone around our heaters in winters and say it’s the worst winter in years but for the underprivileged people it’s the same story every winter. With every drop in the temperature it’s a fight for their survival. Ahana Organization has helped 260 families survive the cold through their blanket and sweater distribution program in the remote areas of Rupmari in Hingal Ganj . They have provided warmth to people sleeping on the streets struggling to cover themselves with torn blankets and clothes in that bitter cold. Ahana has provided a better gift by saving this people’s life.


The consequences of YASH’S disaster was not hard to comprehend, whereas the solution to ending this effects of disaster was not that easy. Ahana came to rescue 260 families of Junpur Block 1 in the east Midnapore by providing them 14 items for their primary survival requirements that is rice, pulses, salt, oil, jaggery, flattened rice, sugar, sanitary pads, biscuits, cakes, masks , water, puffed rice and ORS. Due to the climatic disaster the people who were involved with shrimp farming and vegetable farming faced a great loss as their freshwater turned into saltwater that affected their behavior and limited the production. Many were left homeless, the cultivation fields were flooded and were left infertile owing to excessive salinity of the soil. Ahana took care of these people to extend great relief to them at that hour by standing in solidarity with the Yash devastated people.